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Audiometric Testing Programme

Under Sub-Reg. 9 (1) of Occupational Safety and Health (Noise Exposure) Regulations 2019, it states that an occupier shall establish and maintain an audiometric testing programme for all employees exposed to noise level at or above the 85 dB(A), daily noise dose of 100%, maximum sound pressure level of 115 dB(A) and peak sound pressure level of 140 dB(C).

An occupier, after obtaining the baseline audiogram of an employee, shall repeat the audiometric test on the same employee annually for any work area exposed to excessive noise or Noise Exposure Limit (NEL).

Under Sub-Reg. 10(b), subsequently for every employee within three (3) months from the day the employee commences work shall undergo a valid baseline audiogram.

Occupational Heath Doctor (OHD)

As required under Sub-Reg. 9 (3), our audiometric testing centre has appointed a valid and registered Occupational Health Doctor (OHD) to supervise the testing and to interpret the audiogram upon completion.

Audiometric Test Records and Availability of Records

Regulation 11 (b) states that the occupier shall keep an accurate record and up to date of all employee audiograms conducted on-site for so long as the employee is employed by him and for a period of five years after such employee ceases to be his employee.


Advantages of Engaging Our Mobile Audiometric Testing Unit


  • Our Mobile Audiometric Test Unit is approved and registered with DOSH (Registration Number: JKKP PUA 26/11). This approval is in accordance with Sub-Reg. 9 (2) of Occupational Safety and Health (Noise Exposure) Regulations 2019;
  • Our mobile unit is exclusively designed and tailored to meet the needs of all industries throughout Sarawak in particular those from rural areas where access roads are in poor condition and to ensure continuous legislative compliance;
  • In addition to two sets of audiometric booth mounted inside our mobile unit, our trained technician under supervision of our OHD is able to conduct the test for all the employees at one time (ranging from one day to two weeks depending on number of workers involved);
  • Avoid unnecessary interruption to operation due to the fast and efficient way of conducting audiometric test on site;
  • Allow employers to test employee efficiently, whilst reducing the operational & administrative cost associated to transportation & time arrangement;
  • Our technicians has been trained and supervised by both Noise Risk Assessor and Occupational Health Doctor to operate the audiometric test unit;
  • Our Mobile Audiometric Testing Unit is able to provide hearing test directly at sites throughout Sarawak;
  • Customized reporting package of summary audiometric results presented in different ways with user friendly protocol;
  • To avoid long queue in clinics which usually receive minimal testing personnel for workers at a time;
  • To provide consistent monitor, technical & operational consultancy and constant monitoring of audiometric testing programme in accordance to frequency recommended by competent noise assessor or registered medical practitioner.


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