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Global Green Engineering & Supply (GGES) is incorporated to provide environmental engineering services to its wide range of clients throughout Sarawak, ranging from giant oil & gas industries, power plant industries to small scale palm oil mill, plywood industries. Global Green Engineering & Supply is now positioning itself to provide practical solutions by aligning a pool of highly qualified engineering, safety and environmental specialists to help to overcome complex environmental problems associated with the business of its clients.

As one of the leading safety, health & environmental engineering firm based in Bintulu, Sarawak, Global Green Engineering & Supply Sdn. Bhd. provides a comprehensive professional Engineering & consultancy service across wide range of engineering, safety and environmental issues, with our services being provided under the following main areas:

  • Supplying, Delivery, Installation and Commission of Continuous Emission Monitoring System – Data Acquisition System / Data Interface System (CEMS-DAS/DIS)
  • Design, Installation and Commission of General Ventilation, Dilution Ventilation and Local Exhaust Ventilation System (LEVS)
  • Design, Installation and Commission of Waste Water Treatment System (WWTS)
  • Local Distributor for supplying, delivery, installation and commissioning of Dwyer Instruments, GGES Smoke Density Meter, Fuji Electric Multi-gas Analyzer, Zeta 5000 Particulate Monitoring System, Emergency Eye Wash & Shower (SIRIM Approved) and etc.    

With highly skilled, experience and dedicated engineers with years of proven technical and scientific experience in latest technology equipments, Global Green Engineering & Supply passionately believe that its engineering services will help to protect and preserve our environment, ensuring a sustainable and well-managed environment for our future generations.

CEMs Consultant / Vendor


  • Registered with DOE
  • Instrument supplied c/w International Standard Approval
                      - UK - MCERTS

                      - German - TUV

                      - US-EPA

  •  Local logistic/ support is available
  •  After Sales Service/ Calibration is provided